23rd December 2018

Masses this week:

Christmas Eve: Children’s Mass 5pm

Midnight Mass: 11.30pm

Christmas Day: Yelvertoft – 9am

                                  Daventry – 9am Polish Mass


Wed 26th-Fri 28th Dec: 9.15am

(preceded by Morning Prayer 9am)

Sat: 5pm Daventry

Sun: 9am Yelvertoft

10.30am Daventry

Confessions: Saturdays at 4.30pm



I was in a shopping centre recently and watched the parents taking their children to Santa’s grotto. They were pushed up past the elf, and handed on to the fairy. – Then they got their time on the red knee of Fr. Christmas himself.  It was comforting to them all, except for the small boy who burst into tears on being separated from his mummy. We can all remember the excitement of being close to someone as powerful as Fr. Christmas, who had the ability to transform Christmas with the presents we asked for. We put our words into his ear, and left in the hope that they would come to fulfilment on Christmas morning. It was trust and hope together.

These two: trust and hope, are the strengths of Christmas for us all. – We trust in the birth of God as a human because it brought about the unity between creation and God through the death and resurrection of Jesus. We hope we can share in this power of love.

The attitude of children on the knee of Santa is a lesson to us. But adults are more than children: we are not self-centred. The trust and hope which we have is to help us live more fully. We are set free by our love. Is Christmas for us a time of real freedom?


welcomes gifts of food for the needy, particularly at this time of year – please use the basket in the porch. There is a need for food that does not need cooking and, if in tins, those with ring-pull tops are preferred. Many thanks.


There will be a second collection for Christmas flowers.


by tradition is for the clergy.


As always children are invited to wear nativity costumes to the Vigil Mass as we celebrate our first Mass of Christmas.


are now available. Please ask in the sacristy if you require one.


The Diocese of Northampton is first for the Dowry Tour of Our Lady of Walsingham in 2019!

Thursday February 7th to Saturday February 9th 2019 in the Cathedral Church of Our Lady & St. Thomas. Further details to follow.


Daventry District Council are organising a night shelter for the homeless early in the New Year. The shelter will be in the Methodist Church on dates to be arranged. There is a meeting on 7th Jan at 7 p.m. in the Methodist Church for those who have already volunteered, and those who would like to volunteer to help. There is information on the Daventry District web-site, and a Facebook page: www.facebook.com/DaventryWinterNightShelter. The e-mail address for volunteers or to ask for information is: daventrywinternightshleter@daventrydc.gov.uk


is an engaging introduction to the Catholic faith in four parts: God, The Church, The Moral Life, Prayer. The course texts are to be used in conjunction with teaching days and contain the topic notes and opportunities for follow-up study. It has two levels: Basics and Basics Plus. No qualifications needed! The first module will be launched on 31st Jan 19 at NORES Luton from 10am-3pm. A full lunch will be provided as well as a course pack. The cost has been kept down to £25 per person (£10 for unwaged). We hope this price will encourage those who feel the course could be of benefit to attend and participate. A poster is on the notice board in the church.


is putting on a training course for small- group leaders from 25th-27th Jan at Kings Park Centre, Northampton. If you are interested, further details can be found on the flyer in the porch.


More volunteers needed for this vital job, in order to have a clean church for Christmas and into the New Year. Please give your name to the parish office if you can help out on a rota. Would all current people on the list please advise if they are willing to continue: Raphaelle, Supun.

 We like to have teams of at least three, so the more volunteers we have, the less often each team needs to clean. Many thanks.

Happy Christmas – with prayers from Fr James & Fr Allan!