30th December 2018


  Our sick:

Eileen Howard, Patricia Griffin, Paul Sanders, Terence McHale, Pearl Ball,  Colin Ball, Hollie Mistry, Brenda Barnett, Pat Punch, Sarah Sacarello, Teresa Davies, Albert Sanders & Charlotte Parks, Peter Kay & Ann Butcher.


Jessie Vogt, William Kilsby, Cecilia Blencowe,,Jim Scott,

Frances Ward, Mike Reilly, Ellen Goodwin, Matthew Lynon, Jennifer Fullard, Edwin Courtney, Mary Kilsby, Edward Martin, Joan Cox, Reg Marriott, Cynthia Melor, Royston Renard, Thomas Keane, John Clear, Beatrice Kane, Gwen Clark & Cath Liddington.


23/12: £1112.40, including Standing Orders. Christmas: £1201.11 & €2

  400 Club Winner

23/12: 335 Margaret Smyth


  Masses this week:

Monday: 9.15am

(Morning Prayer 9am)

Tues: 10am

Wed-Fri: 9.15am

(Morning Prayer 9am)

Sat: 5pm Daventry

Sun: 9am Yelvertoft

10.30am Daventry

Confessions: Saturdays at 4.30pm

  Ministers for this w/end

Rota C



of the Blessed Sacrament

Tuesday from 7.30-8.30pm

Resumes 8th Jan.












400 CLUB

Please consider joining the 400 Club to be in with a chance of winning some cash! Joy & friends are in the hall after the 10.30am Mass. If you attend 5pm Mass, no problem, – just speak to Fr James. Cost 25p per number per week.



If you use Facebook, please join our parish Facebook group: Our Lady of Charity & St Augustine Daventry, a good way to catch up on parish activities.



Pick up your FREE copy to see what is happening in the Diocese.




Parish of Our Lady of Charity

& St Augustine, Daventry

32 London Road, Daventry, Northants NN11 4BZ Tel. 01327 300248

Parish Priest: Rev Dr James Cassidy CRIC; Assistant Priest: Rev Allan Jones CRIC;

Website: www.catholicchurchdaventry.org.uk  Email: staugustinedav@aol.com





To all who helped with the Christmas Masses and the preparation of our Church.



Fr. James & Fr. Allan thank you for the generous Christmas offering, and all the gifts & cards they have received.



At 10 a.m. in the Church. Do come to start 2019 in the best way possible.



welcomes gifts of food for the needy, particularly at this time of year – please use the basket in the porch. There is a need for food that does not need cooking and, if in tins, those with ring-pull tops are preferred. Many thanks.



Parish of Our Lady of Charity

& St Augustine, Daventry

32 London Road, Daventry, Northants NN11 4BZ Tel. 01327 300248

Parish Priest: Rev Dr James Cassidy CRIC; Assistant Priest: Rev Allan Jones CRIC;

Website: www.catholicchurchdaventry.org.uk  Email: staugustinedav@aol.com





are now available. Please ask in the sacristy if you require one.



Each Sunday after the 10.30 Mass tea & coffee are available in the Church Hall. Do pop in for a chat.




is an engaging introduction to the Catholic faith in four parts: God, The Church, The Moral Life, Prayer. The course texts are to be used in conjunction with teaching days and contain the topic notes and opportunities for follow-up study. It has two levels: Basics and Basics Plus. No qualifications needed! The first module will be launched on 31st Jan 19 at NORES Luton from 10am-3pm. A full lunch will be provided as well as a course pack. The cost is to £25 per person (£10 for unwaged). A poster is on the notice board in the church.




More volunteers needed for this vital job, in order to have a clean church for Christmas and into the New Year. Please give your name to the parish office if you can help out on the rota. Would all current people on the list please advise if they are willing to continue:

Raphaelle, Monika S, Ewa B, Sylvia K, Kate K, Supun.


We like to have teams of at least three, so the more volunteers we have, the less often each team needs to clean. Many thanks.






Winter Night Shelter

Daventry District Council are organising a night shelter for the homeless early in the new year. The shelter will be in the Methodist Church, on dates to be arranged.

There is a meeting on 7th Jan. at 7 p.m. in the Methodist Church for those who have already volunteered, and those who would like to volunteer to help. There is information on the Daventry District web-site, and a facebook page:

www.facebook.com/DaventryWinterNightShelter. The e-mail address for volunteers, or to ask for information is: daventrywinternightshleter@daventrydc.gov.uk




These may be put on the board in the Damien Chapel. They are included in each Sunday’s Bidding Prayers.



I opened the present with decreasing excitement. The wrapping gradually disclosed a small squashy package: it could be one of only two items: socks or handkerchiefs. ‘Of all the unimaginative presents’, I thought. But I did the social thing, put on a smile, and said ‘thank you’ to the distant, aged relative.

The ancient Romans used to exchange gifts at the time of the winter feast; the idea was carried on into Christian times, perhaps stimulated by the gold, frankincense and myrrh given, according to the Gospel, by the wise men.

We give presents on many occasions as a sign of our affection for another person, that’s clear. But at Christmas it is also a sign of what we have received: God becoming part of our world, being born, being Jesus. – A gift to us from God the all-powerful.

So Christmas presents have a different dimension. We are imitating, consciously or not, the actions of God. In receiving them we are, perhaps, saying that we wish to be open to the God who came to share our world.

So accepting the socks, the handkerchiefs, and the after-shave, is one way of being open to the presence of Jesus in other people.



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