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Baptisms are celebrated on any Sunday during the month and are usually celebrated at 12pm or 2pm but these are flexible times. If, in any one month, there are a number of children to be baptised, the parents will be invited to attend a course at our church. However, if this doesn’t take place, then Fr James will meet with the parents to discuss the importance of baptism and parental responsibilities.

How many Godparents should we have?

  • It is usual to have two Godparents but it is possible to have more if the family would like this.

Do the Godparents have to be Catholic? 

  • The Church does ask that both Godparents are Catholic but if you have a relative who you would like to be involved in the baptism, they could be a sponsor.

How much does it cost?

  • There is no set fee for baptisms but it is usual to make an offering to the church.