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Baptisms are celebrated on any Sunday during the month. Fr James conducts baptisms in the parish, which are usually celebrated at 3pm, but these are flexible times. If, in any one month, there are a number of children to be baptised, the parents will be invited to attend a course at our church. However, if this doesn’t take place, then Fr James will meet with the parents to discuss the importance of baptism and parental responsibilities.

How many Godparents should we have?

  • It is usual to have two Godparents but it is possible to have more if the family would like this.

Do the Godparents have to be Catholic? 

  • The Church does ask that both Godparents are Catholic but if you have a relative who you would like to be involved in the baptism, they could be a sponsor.

How much does it cost?

  • There is no set fee for baptisms but it is usual to make an offering to the priest.


If you are considering getting married at St Augustine’s Catholic Church, Daventry, the first step would be to contact Fr James. He will then meet with you and agree a date and time, and also ensure that it is possible for you to get married in the Church. He will ask you to meet with him on three other occasions to discuss the understanding of marriage in our Catholic tradition, and also the practicalities surrounding the marriage ceremony. You will have to make separate contact with the Registrar to ensure that permission is given by the civil authorities for the marriage to take place.

It is possible for us to arrange an organist and flowers for the church, and our hall may also be available for hire for your wedding reception.


Will we have to attend a Pre-Marriage Course?

  • It is helpful for couples to attend a Pre-Marriage Course but as our local course is run in Northampton, this isn’t always possible but a meeting with the priest or deacon would take the place of a course.

How much will it cost?

  • There is no set fee but we would ask you to make a donation to the church, which recognises the importance of a church ceremony on your special day.   There is a set fee of £60 for an organist and also, if you would like us to, we can provide and arrange flowers, the cost of which will depend on the size and number of arrangements required.

Can we throw confetti?

  • It is possible to throw confetti in the church grounds but we would ask you not to do this inside the church.


The death of a loved one is always a very difficult time for a family, and our parish community would want to be as supporting and sympathetic as possible. In the first instance, it would be necessary to contact a funeral director who will then contact the parish office to make sure the priest or deacon would be available to conduct the funeral.

The funeral service itself can be conducted in a number of ways. It may be a simple cremation, a simple service of Word and prayers in the church or a full Requiem Mass. The priest or deacon would be willing to meet with you to discuss what would be most appropriate for your loved one. He would also be willing to meet with the family to discuss the choice of readings and hymns, and to give practical advice. If you wish, flowers could also be provided in the church for the funeral service – price on application.

Once a year, usually in November, a service is held to remember all who have died and to bless the graves of those who are buried at Welton Road Cemetery.


Is it possible to have non-religious music at the funeral service?

  • Yes it is but usually it would be played either at the beginning or the end of the service and this would need to be agreed with the priest or deacon conducting the funeral.

Can the family add personal tributes about the deceased?

  • Yes, it is possible for the family to give a brief talk or share memories of the deceased person. They may like to compose Bidding Prayers or read prayers that were particular favourites of the deceased person. Again, the priest or deacon would be able to advise on the suitability of such prayers and reminiscences.

How much does it cost?

  • The church fees relating to funerals come directly from the funeral director. They will follow the table of fees laid down by the Church of England. Typically, our fees for a funeral service  are around £200, with an additional fee of £60 being paid to the organist.